Couple of weeks ago we have been invited to a beautiful civil ceremony of Claire and James taking place in the Trim Castle Hotel Co Meath.  All the preparation, ceremony and reception, as well as the party took place in the hotel so we didn't even have to leave the place (we kind of did for a second to grab a nice shot of a couple in front of the castle – but it started raining and we had to run for life and safety of the wedding dress).

011 Claire+James
021 Claire+James
031 Claire+James
041 Claire+James
051 Claire+James
071 Claire+James
061 Claire+James
081 Claire+James
091 Claire+James
101 Claire+James
111 Claire+James
121 Claire+James
131 Claire+James
141 Claire+James
151 Claire+James
161 Claire+James
171 Claire+James
181 Claire+James
191 Claire+James
201 Claire+James
211 Claire+James
221 Claire+James
231 Claire+James
241 Claire+James
251 Claire+James
261 Claire+James
271 Claire+James
28 Claire+James
291 Claire+James
301 Claire+James
311 Claire+James
321 Claire+James
331 Claire+James
341 Claire+James
351 Claire+James
361 Claire+James
371 Claire+James
381 Claire+James



When you plan a December wedding you accept the fact that the weather may not be nice or sunny. Sarah and Billy had their wedding on the 28th of December, right after Christmas.

It was  a great day for BigSmokeTeam to go out and shoot as we already got to know the couple 2 years back, at Laura and Roddy's wedding. It was great to see everybody in great spirits.

It was  a windy day for all of us but Sarah was no stranger to be outside in the weather like that and we got some nice photographs.

01 Sarah+Billy
02 Sarah+Billy
03 Sarah+Billy
04 Sarah+Billy
05 Sarah+Billy
06 Sarah+Billy
07 Sarah+Billy
08 Sarah+Billy
09 Sarah+Billy
10 Sarah+Billy
11 Sarah+Billy
12 Sarah+Billy
13 Sarah+Billy
14 Sarah+Billy
15 Sarah+Billy
16 Sarah+Billy
17 Sarah+Billy
18 Sarah+Billy
19 Sarah+Billy
20 Sarah+Billy
21 Sarah+Billy
22 Sarah+Billy
23 Sarah+Billy
24 Sarah+Billy
25 Sarah+Billy
26 Sarah+Billy
27 Sarah+Billy
26a Sarah+Billy
29 Sarah+Billy
30 Sarah+Billy
31 Sarah+Billy
32 Sarah+Billy
33 Sarah+Billy
35 Sarah+Billy
34 Sarah+Billy
36 Sarah+Billy
37 Sarah+Billy
38 Sarah+Billy
39 Sarah+Billy
40 Sarah+Billy
41 Sarah+Billy
42 Sarah+Billy
43 Sarah+Billy
44 Sarah+Billy
45 Sarah+Billy
46 Sarah+Billy
47 Sarah+Billy

Thanks again to Sarah and Billy for such a fabulous  day.

Justyna Wójcik via Facebook - beautiful fotos!!!


Right after Christmas we were given a chance of celebrating something more than just a regular New Year's Eve. We were invited to be part of Aoife and Philip's wedding.

It was an early start for us and after a drive from Dublin to Kells and turning towards Crossakiel we encountered a Clonabreany House in Co. Meath.  It lies at the gateway to the Boyne Valley. We found it ideal for weddings, private parties or a family ‘get together’. The House has a beautiful big Marquee where the party continued. A Kilskyre Parish where wedding ceremony took place is a 5 minutes drive from the house. As with most winter weddings in Ireland, it started raining in the middle of ceremony so we moved indoors and continued shooting inside. Beautiful wedding and Congrats once again from BigSmokeTeam.

0011 Aoife+Philip
0021 Aoife+Philip
0051 Aoife+Philip
0041 Aoife+Philip
0061 Aoife+Philip
0071 Aoife+Philip
0081 Aoife+Philip
Aoife02 Aoife+Philip
Aoife03 Aoife+Philip
Aoife04 Aoife+Philip
0091 Aoife+Philip
Aoife05 Aoife+Philip
Aoife06a Aoife+Philip
Aoife07 Aoife+Philip
Aoife08 Aoife+Philip
Aoife10 Aoife+Philip
0031 Aoife+Philip
Aoife09 Aoife+Philip
0101 Aoife+Philip
0111 Aoife+Philip
0121 Aoife+Philip
Aoife01 Aoife+Philip
Aoife15 Aoife+Philip
Aoife14 Aoife+Philip
Aoife12 Aoife+Philip
0131 Aoife+Philip
0141 Aoife+Philip
Aoife11 Aoife+Philip
Aoife13 Aoife+Philip
015 Aoife+Philip
0161 Aoife+Philip
0171 Aoife+Philip
Aoife17 Aoife+Philip
Aoife16 Aoife+Philip





steve simpson - Love the idea with the photo frame.  Excellent shots em.

admin - Thanks Steve. It was Aoife’s idea and we loved it. Nobody expected frame to be that big but everybody made it work! Great evening. Hope all is good with you Steve.

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